Basketball Leagues

Basketball Leagues at VENT Fitness


Interested in keeping up with our Basketball Leagues? Contact us via the form below!


  • Ages 18+ with ID
  • Paid in Full
  • Official games will consist of Roster Players
  • Rosters must be submitted using this form
  • Team rosters will be limited to 15 players with one point of contact
  • All players must sign a waiver
  • Three (3) forfeitures leads to league expulsion.
    No exceptions
  • Players cannot be on more than one team roster

League Play:

  • Play will be conducted in accordance with the 2020-2021 New York State High School Association (NFHS) with the following modifications:
  • Game will be running time for two 20 minute halves with a stop clock the last two minutes at the end of game
  • Game clock will be provided by VENT Fitness and maintained/monitored by the scorekeeper
  • Each team is allowed four 75 second timeouts per game (unused timeouts do NOT run over into overtime play)
  • Substitutes should report to the scorers table then wait to be whistled into the game
  • Teams may be asked to play more than one game per day/night


  • Leg/arm braces must be wrapped in tape (NO metal showing)
  • No loose jewelry (necklaces bracelets etc.) allowed
  • Gym shorts with zippers/pockets are NOT ALLOWED to be worn during games
  • Must wear provided VENT Jersey during games


  • All members of the team are familiar with the contents
  • All members know game schedule and plan to attend
  • Call VENT Fitness Guilderland to cancel if necessary
  • Team is properly attired
  • Team conduct is in accordance with this document
  • No ineligible players are entered on roster or participant in games


  • A forfeit will be declared if a team is not prepared to play at the scheduled time.
  • The team sort of players may pick up players so both teams can play but the game will be forfeited and the outcome will not count toward league standing
  • If you know you are not going to have 6 players, please call the League Coordinator to cancel

Cancellation Policy:

  • To cancel a game, call the League Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to game time


  • Drugs, alcohol, smoking, and chewing tobacco are NOT permitted on the court, in the facility or parking lot. Any player or coach under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to enter the facility


  • Any rough contacting, foul language, taunting, verbal intimidation, trash talk, objectionable demonstrations, throwing equipment are grounds for a technical foul and at the refereeā€™s discretion, ejection from the game and possible league and/or cancellation of VENT Membership

Basketball League Inquiry

Fill out the form below to request more information for the VENT Fitness Basketball League

There is a zero refund policy unless documentation is brought for medical issues or moving farther than 25 miles from VENT.
Non-members need to fill out documentation and provide photo id.