Boxer's Breakout Bootcamp

Get into fighting shape this summer at VENT Latham with this hybrid program of strength training, boxing drills, and conditioning. Ring the bell!

Boxer's Breakout Bootcamp

A hybrid of our Strength, Boxing & Conditioning , this class will sculpt, tone and build your body to its peak performance. Great for all fitness levels. The Boxer’s Breakout Bootcamp may incorporate weights, agility drills, TRX bands, stationary target work, and core strengthening exercises. You will sweat like crazy, build a rock-solid core and Crush calories!

June 5 – July 10, 2024 • VENT Latham | Coached by Antoine Johnson, NASM CPT


VENT Latham

What's Included

75+ days
$ 120
  • Weekly Group Workouts
  • Community
  • Boxing upskilling
  • Bragging Rights

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