Your Bank Card Can Change, Your Bank Account Never Will

Enroll in VENT Fitness SmartPay!

Make your checking account your primary payment choice at VENT Fitness and receive a $20 in-club credit!
Add your checking account to your VENT Fitness Membership Billing to avoid late/service fees due to credit/debit card expiration and we’ll give you $20 to spend in club!*
Switch your billing option in THREE easy steps:

1.) Access your VENT Fitness account by clicking HERE.

2.) Click on My Billing Info

3.) Click on Stored Payment Method to Update your billing information.

Add select “EFT” and “Checking” options and fill in the fields with your bank’s routing number and your checking account number. Can’t find your bank’s routing number or checking account number? No problem! You can find them on your checks on the diagram below.

4.) Click SAVE and you’re done!