Workout at Home

Workout from home

VENT Fitness is excited to offer a variety of workout options, and now more than ever it’s imperative to boost your immunity and improve your moodScience shows you can do both with consistent workout activity each day!

Check out our Virtual Schedule, or our simple at-home workout options below. Feel free to modify the moves or add your own equipment to change the intensity. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more great workouts. Now — make some room and get ready to get sweaty!


Livestream - A New Way to VENT

The next best thing to in-person! Enjoy a workout directed by one our VENT Fitness personal trainers or group exercise instructors. Tune in each day as VENT Fitness personal trainers and group exercise instructors provide you with an effective, at-home workout to keep your fitness goals in reach! No equipment needed, and feel free to modify to adjust your intensity up or down.

Workouts On the Go

A quick snapshot of a highly-efficient workout to screenshot and take with you. Expect quick, sweaty, and effective!

Say hello to your glutes! Today’s workout is a short 10-minute AMRAP that will leave you feeling strong! Follow us > 

Grab a heavy object (laundry detergent, a backpack, etc) and get ready to build some strength! Follow us on Insta >

Here’s a core-focused tabata with some of our favorite moves to strengthen your midsection and back! Follow us >

Quick and efficient, especially when you’re working out at home. How many family members will do it too? Follow us on Insta >

There’s nothing like a great outdoor cardio day! Pick your favorite trail, neighborhood, or park and get moving! Follow us >

AMRAP is where it’s at! Cue up your favorite playlist and let the calories burn! Follow us on Insta >

On Demand Workouts

Queue up a full workout in your preferred format from the exciting group below! Leave yourself some space and get ready to get sweaty!

VENT Guilderland’s NASM CPT’s Jerry Cunningham has a HIIT workout that’s family-friendly, but be warned, it’s got bite!

Little Sarge is back with a resistance band workout that will show you a little elasticity goes a long way! Follow her on Insta >

All you need is socks and a slick floor to get a killer workout with NASM CPT Emily Wilk! Watch now at VFOnline on YouTube >

Make Mondays your new favorite with VENT Fitness Latham’s NASM CPT Maja Malczewski and her intense, home-friendly workout!

VENT Guilderland’s NASM CPT’s Lauren Finlay has a home workout you can do in your socks!

Get your relaxation on from home with VENT Niskayuna’s Pat Washington and her exclusive Ptale stretch. Just what you need!

Let NASM CPT Ryan Molfetta put the yay in your Friday, but be warned, the sweat is just a side effect of awesome!

Take VENT Guilderland NASM CPT Sam Bahil’s HIIT outdoor workout on the road (Max approved, of course)!

Let NASM CPT Kelly Gillen from VENT Guilderland show you how to keep your fitness on track from home!

Check out our first-ever online workout, featuring NASM CPT Anthony Sanchez from VENT Guilderland!

Check back here or on Instagram 
(#VFOnline) for your daily workout, and don’t forget to tag us with your results!

Benefits of Exercise on
Your Immunity

The benefits of a daily workout are well-documented. And keeping active has never been more important than now. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends a weekly total of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, combined with enough strength training to work all major muscle groups twice a week. Check out our workout from home options below, including a daily workout with one our personal trainers or group exercise instructors. Prefer some customizable options? Build your own workout using our library of high-intensity intervals, body weight strength exercises, and core moves. Miss your favorite group exercise class? Click through to our library of group workouts, including martial arts, high intensity cardio, and mindfulness. Be sure to check back for more options each day!

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Build-Your-Own Workout

Take your pick from this simple archive of efficient moves to build your own ultimate workout. Mix it up with HIIT, core, and body weight strength moves. Try tabata-style, with :20 of work and :10 of rest. Or, try alternating :40/:20 of HIIT with 12 reps of body weight for three to five rounds. Be sure to tag us (@ventfitness) with your post-workout results! Plus, check out our Spotify for some playlist inspiration! Start Building >