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Why is it so ingrained in our brains to choose the generic brand at the grocery store instead of the name brand? Why do we avoid buying that $500 handbag (or pair of sneakers) and go for the $50 one instead? Why is it so ingrained for adults to try and save every dollar they possibly can? Throughout my high school and college career I lived by the motto – “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” I spent SO much money eating out, and on things like designer cloths, and drinks out at the bar. I never made even the slightest attempt to save money. Unfortunately, this time period didn’t last long, and adulthood set in quickly once I graduated college. In the present day, adulting is real and my “after-college” life consists of me spending money on fitness, groceries, rent, and other essentials. If you’re in the same boat and are trying to save every dollar you possibly can – read below for 5 tips to save your money and make it last a little longer.

Cook indoors instead of ordering out:

We all know that it is so much easier to order take-out or visit your favorite restaurant when you’re tired and starving. Eating out can take a toll on your bank account, and will have you spending money faster than you can earn it! Do yourself a favor – stay in and cook tonight.

Meal-prep all your lunches:

Meal-prepping is one of the best ways to save money AND eat better! Take time at the beginning (or end) of the week to grocery shop, prepare, and cook your meals for your upcoming work week. This will save you TONS of money and stop you from visiting the pizza shop every day!

Exercise instead of going out:

You already pay for a gym membership – why not use it? Next time you’re looking for something to do, sign up for a TRAIN session or Group-Ex class! Working out instead of going out is WAY more beneficial for your health, and is certainly more cost-effective! Don’t have access to Level II or III programming? Drop-in to any TRAIN or Group-Ex class all month long for just $5/class.

Shop the sale rack:

Whether we stain our shirts, rip our pants, or have an event or function to attend, a shopping trip is inevitable. Try shopping the sale rack or searching for coupons before the big shopping trip. And if you’re urge to shop isn’t time sensitive, consider shopping online. There is almost ALWAYS a promo code floating around somewhere. Most online retailers will broadcast their sales and promo codes at the top of their pages. Oh…and if you’re looking for new workout gear, hurry in to VENT this weekend and receive $5 off all SHOP items!

When you have to eat out, eat smart:

Like shopping trips, eating out is can quickly become a habit. The next time you head out to a restaurant, try and choose something more cost effective! Avoid adding extras on to the meal and ordering alcoholic beverages. Sometimes a fairly priced meal, and a good ole FREE water (with a lemon wedge if you’re fancy, lol), works out just fine. Skip the dessert, and keep it simple. The only additional charge outside of your food and FREE beverage should be gratuity. Other than that, set a food budget ($10, $15, etc.) and stick with it.

The next time you’re trying to save money, remember these tips to make your dollar stretch a little further!

What do you do when you’re trying to save money? Comment below!

Victoria Smith, Marketing Coordinator
Jermaine Wright, Marketing and Promotions Manager