E3 Training

E3 Training is our exclusive personal, small group, and STUDIO training offered only by VENT Fitness.  Driven by results and coached by experts, E3 Training can help you achieve your goals, regardless of your age, experience, and fitness level. 

We specialize in


 (And great news, your first session is free.*)

*Free session is E3 Assessment, our baseline introduction to your fitness, goals, and results! Read on for more details…

What is E3 Training?

Energy | Exercise | Education

The three pillars of our training success. 

We believe everyone has the ability to achieve their goals, and by unlocking the combination of
these three elements, we can help you achieve them. 


Energy Fuel that empowers you.

Through conscious planning and sustainable nutrition, our team of E3 Personal Trainers can provide you with nutritional support and guidance, so you can make the best choices for your body. Plus, access meal planning and tracking through the VENT Fitness app.

Exercise Work that matters.

Whether you prefer to train on your own or with the guidance of one of our expert trainers, we offer a range of personalized or group programs to suit your needs. Our exclusive STUDIO training programs, including STRONG, STRIKE, and STRIDE, are designed to challenge you and keep you motivated.

Education Knowledge is power. 

Our Certified Personal Trainers are available to provide you with personalized support, either in person or through our exclusive VENT Fitness mobile app. Our trainers are here to help you understand how to leverage
your Energy with your Exercise to reach — and sustain — your goals.

Your E3 Experience

The E3 Experience is a one-on-one consultation with a VENT Fitness Certified Personal Trainer.

It is an opportunity to discuss your health and exercise history and define your fitness goals. You will be guided through basic strength and cardiovascular assessments as well as a body composition analysis. This information will be stored in our virtual training platform and accessible through the VENT Fitness Mobile App so members can track their personal progress.

Our Personal Trainers will use this data for the purpose of making recommendations for different Personal Training options and Programming available at Vent Fitness to help you maximize your time in the gym and ensure results.

Validate your start by filling out an
in-depth medical and fitness
questionnaire followed by your
body composition measurement.

Come dressed to work out because
your trainer will pursue a series of exercises with you to assess your
mobility, posture, and other key factors.

Your E3 trainer will build a personal
roadmap to maximize your time in
the gym by evaluating your history,
goals, and your performance.


E3 Personal Training is built around you. Each session is completely customizable and tailored to your goals, your schedule, and your budget. Sessions are available as half or full hour. It’s your workout, your way.

E3 TEAM 5:1

E3 Team Training proves that sometimes, workouts are better with a partner…or 4! Team training was built to provide an option for those who need a group to help motivate them, while exercising group accountability. Team training focuses on areas like core, power, and strength, and offer progressions and regressions specifically tailored to each member of the team.

E3 STUDIO 18:1

E3 STUDIO classes offer a focused, intense group training experience designed to shatter your expectations and redefine your confidence. Harnessing the science of high-intensity intervals, rapid-fire strength training, and the total-body benefits of MMA-inspired training, the STUDIO workouts move to its own undeniably inspiring playlist, guaranteed to push you through every boundary. Click the button to learn more about our STUDIO classes >


Are you ready to transform your life and achieve your fitness goals wherever you are and whenever you want? Look no further than VENT Fitness E3 Online Training.

Working virtually with a VENT Fitness E3 Personal Trainer, you’ll see your progress in real-time, all from the VENT Fitness app. This means that you’ll have the support you need, right at your fingertips. 

Custom Workouts, Personalized for You

Our Trainers are committed to creating a custom-tailored workout program specific to you and your goals. With weekly custom workouts, chat support, and monthly video consultations, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Your Trainer will monitor your progress, keep you accountable, and provide you with the motivation you need to keep going!

We believe that fitness is not just about working out, but also about having the support you need. With our two-way messaging feature, you can ask any fitness-related questions and get the expert advice you need to succeed.

Work Out When & Where You Want
Whether you’re at home, outside, or at the gym, all you need is internet access and a laptop, phone, or tablet.

Join VENT Fitness Online Training today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!


Supplement your in-person sessions
$ 200 Monthly
  • Workout Plan
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Meal Ideas/Tracking
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Monthly Progress Update
REg. $240

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Fitness reinvented

Our E3 Training staff is professional, knowledgable, and capable. But perhaps more importantly, they’re fun, friendly, and excited for you and your journey. Our team is committed to your success, and will approach your needs with respect, attention, and a little bit of tough love. 

Every one of us has a unique path to fitness, and our
trainers can help you discover yours. 

This is Personal Training, reinVENTed.