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The New VENT Fitness App

We know convenience is everything, so we’re excited to introduce the all-new VENT Fitness App! Sync your workouts with your smart watch, track your nutrition, habits, schedule classes and workouts, check in hands-free at your club, and more!


Where do I find the app? The VENT-Fitness app is available via the App Store and Google Play.

How do I log in? You’ll receive an email from VENT Fitness with instructions. If not, click here and you can set up your account!

How do I schedule a class? We’ve got a handy video for you below! PLEASE NOTE at this time we do not have waitlists; once a class is sold out, availability will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis and only as cancellations allow.

Where’s the class schedule online? You’ll need to set up your VENT Fitness profile in order to view the schedule.
You can do so here.

I didn’t get an invitation email! No problem! Click the App Store or Google Play links to download your app to your preferred mobile device. Then click “forgot password” and follow the instructions.

Need more help? Call your home club or email us here

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Track your activity in-app

Track your activity in-app

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