The E3 Training STUDIO sessions are small group training workouts designed to be engaging, motivating, and downright addictive.
They deliver everything you love about group training on a whole new (and uniquely challenging) level.

You’ll either start on a self-powered treadmill, the strike pads, or at your bench with your strength training equipment.
The instructor will explain how to do each strength exercise, each strike combination, and how to achieve each level of your stride.
Be sure to listen closely, and ask questions. If you have an injury, ask your instructor about regressions.
The instructors are all here to help and will correct form as needed.


Our flagship STUDIO experience! Combining the best of treadmill, MMA-style training, and strength, the STRONG workout will challenge you on every level… while our coaches keep you motivated and ready for more!

Available in 45-50 minute sessions


MMA-inspired training with an edge! Using a calorie-torching, endorphin-producing, empowerment-building formula of punching and kicking, combined with bodyweight strength intervals, this workout is guaranteed to leave you with a fighter’s high! 

Boxing/MMA striking gloves, water and towel are recommended.

Available in 30 minute (STRIKE) and
45 -50 minute (STRIKEFORCE) sessions


Improve your speed, agility, and strength with this
treadmill + strength training workout! Alternate intervals of strength work with intense bursts on our self-powered treadmills to accelerate your calorie burn!

Available in 45-50 minute sessions.


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