Join us at VENT Guilderland to improve your mobility and range of movement to increase your quality of life. Ready?

Mobility at VENT Guilderland

Everyone needs to move better in life!

This six-week program is for everyone who wants to move better, feel better, and be in less pain.
Improve your everyday activities and enjoy more of what you love.

This 6-week Mobility Program at VENT Fitness Guilderland will use foam rollers and targeted movement to improve your overall range of motion, reduce pain, and allow you more freedom to get out and enjoy your favorite things! 

8 am Mondays | 10:30 am Thursdays • June 10 – July 18 | Lauren Finlay, NASM CPT
$144 • (2) 30-minute sessions per week
$90 • (1) 30-minute session per week


VENT Guilderland

What's Included

Six Weeks | 12 Sessions
$ 144
  • (2) 30 minute sessions per week
  • Mobility Training

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