Learn to SWIM at VENT Fitness

Swimming lessons are available at VENT Fitness!
Participants will focus on building skills one step at a time. By providing the opportunity to master one element before moving onto the next, VENT Fitness swim classes make it easy to build confidence in the water. Available at VENT Latham and VENT Guilderland.

Private Lessons

One-on-one | Appointment only

30 Minutes • 60 minutes

Lessons are one-on-one and tailored to each individual swimmer’s needs. We are dedicated to working with a wide range of individuals to help them learn the skills needed in an aquatic environment. Lessons are for children or adults and are set up by appointment only. Semi-Private lessons also available upon request and availability.

*Please note:

  • All semi-/private swim packages expire one year from the date of purchase
  • We require at least 24 hours’ notice in advance of the appointment to reschedule or cancel your session to avoid being charged.
  • Lesson packages must be paid in full prior to the first lesson.
  • Regardless of arrival times, sessions will end at the scheduled time.

VENT Latham | VENT Guilderland

Next sessions begin January 3 • Registration opens 11/29/21

Swimming Lessons at VENT Fitness will be broken down into the following tiers. Each tier is based on skills learned in the prior session, and allows for progression for you or your child to advance through each skill level.

Preschool 1: (3-5 years) Orients children to the aquatic environment and teaches them basic aquatic skills. Children will start with elementary aquatic skills, and build more as they progress through the Preschool levels. Skills include blowing bubbles, submerging mouth, nose and eyes, opening eyes underwater, and retrieving objects. Front and back floats with assistance.

Preschool 2: (3 – 5 years) Children will build upon the skills learned in Preschool 1 to gain more comfort and independence. Children learn to float on their backs without support. Other skills include opening eyes underwater, retrieving submerged objects, and alternating arm and leg actions on front and back. Most skills in this level are performed independently.

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills (5 years+) Students will learn how to feel comfortable in the water and safely enjoy it. Skills include entering and exiting the water safely, learning to submerge mouth, nose and eyes, breath control, front and back float and recovering to a stand, changing direction in the water, swimming 5 feet on front and back.

Level 2: Fundamentals of Aquatic Skills (5 years+) Children will learn basic swimming skills including entering water by stepping or jumping in from the side, submerging entire head, blowing bubbles, opening eyes underwater, front and back glide, swim 15 feet on front and 10 feet on back, swim on side, and life jacket use.

Level 3: Stroke Development (5 years+) Additional guided practice will help students improve their skills learned in Level 2. Skills include jumping into deep water, head first entry from sitting or kneeling, submerging and retrieving an object, bobbing, survival float for 30 seconds, treading water for 30 seconds, front crawl 15 yards, butterfly 15 feet, back crawl 15 yards, elementary rescues, safe diving, and check-call-care.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement Kids will gain confidence in the strokes learned thus far and  improve other aquatic skills by increasing endurance through swimming greater distances. Skills include diving, underwater swimming, feet-first surface dive, 1 minute of survival floating, treading and back floating, 25 yards of front crawl, breaststroke and back crawl, 15 yards of butterfly and elementary backstroke and sidestroke, compact jump from height in a lifejacket, throwing assists, and caring for conscious choking victim.

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