Toned & Tanned

Strength training, cardio, and flexibility, with an endorphin twist! This six-week outdoor bootcamp is the perfect addition to your workout routine.

Toned & Tanned Outdoor Bootcamp

Designed to sculpt your body with strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises using bodyweight and light equipment.

The blend of intense workouts and natural outdoor environment will not only enhance physical fitness, but also provide a
healthy dose of Vitamin D. Join us to sweat, strengthen, and shine under the open sky!

Mondays 5:30 pm • June 24 – July 29
VENT Clifton Park| $90 pp • Coached by Arleen Larkin, NASM CPT


Mat, Towel, Water Bottle & SPF recommended

Toned & TANNED

VENT Clifton Park

What's Included

Six Weeks
$ 90
  • Weekly Group Workouts
  • Community
  • Beach-ready Fitness
  • Bragging Rights

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