Because its not as scary as it looks… I promise.

The Story:

Just a few months back, the mere thought of going to the gym “scared the FIT” out of me. Up until now, I didn’t attend the gym on a regular basis, so I often didn’t know which weights to choose, how long I should workout for, or even how to operate the machines. My lack of knowledge caused my entire body to be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety each time I stepped into the gym. I thought to myself “Would people laugh at me?” “Would they judge me during my workout?” “Will I be one of those people who go viral for being secretly recorded while doing an exercise COMPLETELY wrong?”

So…One day, I decided to put my big-girl pants on, and began meeting with a VENT personal trainer once a week. Within the first month of meeting with her, all my questions, worries, fears, anxieties, and concerns about the gym DISAPPEARED!

If you aren’t a self-proclaimed “gym-rat”, it is easy to buy into myths you hear about the gym, working out, and the people surrounding you. Here’s three tips that I’ve learned along the way that helped me be brave and confident during my workouts.

Myth #1 | “Everyone’s looking at me.” Believe it or not, this is a universal concern. Whether you’re a decorated athlete, or a fitness beginner, everyone has a point (or points) in the gym when they think “oh boy, all eyes are on me!” Truth is, most people aren’t looking at you. During my workout I tend to be so focused on what I’m doing that I gaze off into space, so much so that I sometimes find one thing to stare at to keep me focused and engaged. Especially when its busy at the gym, sometimes that “space” happens to be near someone else. Next time you see someone looking in your direction, don’t get nervous– in fact, give them a little head nod! Chances are they’re just as worried about you looking at them, as you are about them looking at you. Giving a simple smile and/or head nod will be just enough acknowledgement to help break the ice and halt any existing anxiety.

Myth #2 | “I have to know what I’m doing to have a personal trainer.” Our personal trainers are here to help you reinVENT yourself. Surprisingly, they actually care! If you’re new to VENT, or new to working out in general, meeting with a personal trainer is the perfect way to get you started! Meeting with my trainer helped me learn hundreds of exercises to do during my workouts. She even helped me learn how to operate the most intimidating machines! Now I walk on to the workout floor more confident than ever! While I invested in my physical health, and am obviously motivated by sculpting my physique, I learned that what I’ve also invested in is a life long commitment to reinVENTion, one that I don’t think I would have discovered if it weren’t for my personal trainer. I speak from experience when I say you most definitely do not need to be a “gym expert” to meet with a personal trainer.

Myth #3 | “Group exercise classes are intimidating.” Group exercise classes can definitely be intimidating if you’ve never experienced one, but they don’t have to be. Most times, everyone in the class is just as motivated (or sometimes under motivated as you). Whether the person in the class next to you can do a better chest press, kettle bell swing, or plyo push-up, the truth is, everyone is just trying to get through the workout like you are, and most times will even encourage you to work to you highest potential. If you haven’t taken a Group Ex class or TRAIN session yet – grab a friend and sign up! All of our Group Ex and TRAIN programming classes offer you the opportunity to sweat it out with an awesome instructor with fun music and challenging exercises. Circling back to myth #1…remember, no one is watching you (I promise)!

Victoria Smith, Marketing Support Intern
Jermaine Wright, Marketing and Promotions Manager