Why Strength Training Could be the Solution

It’s finally starting to look like Spring, and that means a lot of things are happening simultaneously. We’re shedding our winter clothes, we’re re-evaluating our New Year’s Resolutions, and, depending on how the rest of our lives are interacting with our fitness goals, we’re probably eyeing the upcoming seasons feeling… a certain type of way. 

We’re happy you’re part of the #VENTFam, and we know how things can get… hectic, distracted, and time-sensitive. This might mean you haven’t spent as much time in the club as you’d like. OR, maybe you’ve spent the time and you’re not seeing the results you were after. And with an eye toward the upcoming warmer weather, it might be creating a sense of urgency (we won’t call it panic… yet). Or, at the very least, maybe you want a chance to shake off the winter vibes and get a fresh start.

Strength Training Has Entered the Chat

“(Wo)Man cannot survive on cardio alone.”

— Aristotle, probably

The best part of having a workout routine, or an interest in one, at least…. is that it’s infinitely customizable. And, not to knock on cardiovascular training (which is insanely good at improving heart efficiency, lung functionality, bone density, and bragging rights everywhere), but strength training could be (probably is) the key to unlocking your ultimate self. Sounds a little too good to be true? Let’s see why it isn’t.


1. Makes you Stronger

This might seem like a no-brainer, but hear us out. Of course being stronger should be the most obvious outcome, but along with that comes a decrease in the likelihood of injury, increased mobility, and better stability. This means better maneuvering for your daily life and less down time, whether that means chasing after your kids, or carrying the weight of the world. 

2. Burns Calories More Efficiently

Strength training helps boost your metabolism in two ways.

First, building muscle increases your metabolic rate, or the rate at which your body utilizes calories for energy. Muscles are more metabolically efficient than fat mass, allowing you to burn more calories at rest, which means the more lean muscle mass you have, the more active your body is in consuming calories, even at rest.

Second, research shows that your metabolic rate is increased up to 72 hours after your strength-training workout. This means that you’re still burning additional calories hours and even days later!

3. Improves Bone Density

While it’s not as glamorous-sounding, bone density can literally make or break your physical health. Strength training adds a temporary stressor to your bones, signaling to your body that the bones need reinforcements and triggering a rebuild of bone cells. As a result, strength training and weight-loading exercises have been shown to improve the quality and composition of bones, which can be essential for avoiding injury and maintaining mobility, especially as we age. 

4. Improves Mental Health

Strength training has been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms across ages and genders. In addition, resistance training has been shown across a variety of clinical studies to significantly reduce depressive symptoms

Strength training is infinitely variable, allowing you to find the format (and results) you want.

5. Offers Infinite Options

Perhaps one of the best benefits is that resistance training can be achieved in a myriad of ways, depending on your interests, goals, and availability.

No equipment? No problem. Try any number of bodyweight exercises from basics like pushups to squats and more advanced variations like side planks and handstands. Throw in some burpees (classic or otherwise) and some mountain climbers for a little kick into metabolic training.

Want to build strength without adding bulk? Consider higher reps with lighter weights, like the workout structure in a Body Pump class — the bonus? With higher reps and a quicker tempo, you can also burn nearly 30% more calories in the same amount of time. 

Looking for more #gainz? Then adapt hypertrophy training into your weekly routine. This emphasizes reaching muscle fatigue by progressively overloading your muscles during training, and given some of the more complex calculations to achieve your specific results, this style of training can be easily handled by one our E3 Trainers 
(your first exploratory session is free!). 

The Takeaway

One cornerstone to any successful workout plan is resistance training. With its variable methodology, myriad of equipment choices, and wide-ranging execution, there is absolutely a style and format of resistance training that will engage you, inspire you, and motivate you! If you’re unsure of where to start, or looking for some new ideas, here are some quick ideas to get you underway:

Download the VENT Fitness app. It’s got a workout library full of ideas (complete with instructional videos!) Plus, you can chat with a trainer anytime* using our in-app chat feature.

 Register for a Body Pump class. It’s “the world’s most popular group barbell class” for a reason. With music that’s perfectly timed to get you on the beat and completing up to 1,000 reps per class, it’s been shown to be ridiculously effective at toning (not to mention it can be a great introduction to moves that are also found on the weight floor).

Sign up for youFREE E3 Experience. This exploratory session will help you identify your goals and the most efficient way to achieve them — whether you’re new to fitness or seasoned expert. This is the perfect time to learn about the ways you can enhance your own workout efforts to fine tune and fast track your results. 

See you in the clubs!