Don’t Let the Gym “Scare the FIT” out of you!

Because its not as scary as it looks… I promise.

The Story:

Just a few months back, the mere thought of going to the gym “scared the FIT” out of me. Up until now, I didn’t attend the gym on a regular basis, so I often didn’t know which weights to choose, how long I should workout for, or even how to operate the machines. My lack of knowledge caused my entire body to be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety each time I stepped into the gym. I thought to myself “Would people laugh at me?” “Would they judge me during my workout?” “Will I be one of those people who go viral for being secretly recorded while doing an exercise COMPLETELY wrong?”

So…One day, I decided to put my big-girl pants on, and began meeting with a VENT personal trainer once a week. Within the first month of meeting with her, all my questions, worries, fears, anxieties, and concerns about the gym DISAPPEARED!

If you aren’t a self-proclaimed “gym-rat”, it is easy to buy into myths you hear about the gym, working out, and the people surrounding you. Here’s three tips that I’ve learned along the way that helped me be brave and confident during my workouts.

Myth #1 | “Everyone’s looking at me.” Believe it or not, this is a universal concern. Whether you’re a decorated athlete, or a fitness beginner, everyone has a point (or points) in the gym when they think “oh boy, all eyes are on me!” Truth is, most people aren’t looking at you. During my workout I tend to be so focused on what I’m doing that I gaze off into space, so much so that I sometimes find one thing to stare at to keep me focused and engaged. Especially when its busy at the gym, sometimes that “space” happens to be near someone else. Next time you see someone looking in your direction, don’t get nervous– in fact, give them a little head nod! Chances are they’re just as worried about you looking at them, as you are about them looking at you. Giving a simple smile and/or head nod will be just enough acknowledgement to help break the ice and halt any existing anxiety.

Myth #2 | “I have to know what I’m doing to have a personal trainer.” Our personal trainers are here to help you reinVENT yourself. Surprisingly, they actually care! If you’re new to VENT, or new to working out in general, meeting with a personal trainer is the perfect way to get you started! Meeting with my trainer helped me learn hundreds of exercises to do during my workouts. She even helped me learn how to operate the most intimidating machines! Now I walk on to the workout floor more confident than ever! While I invested in my physical health, and am obviously motivated by sculpting my physique, I learned that what I’ve also invested in is a life long commitment to reinVENTion, one that I don’t think I would have discovered if it weren’t for my personal trainer. I speak from experience when I say you most definitely do not need to be a “gym expert” to meet with a personal trainer.

Myth #3 | “Group exercise classes are intimidating.” Group exercise classes can definitely be intimidating if you’ve never experienced one, but they don’t have to be. Most times, everyone in the class is just as motivated (or sometimes under motivated as you). Whether the person in the class next to you can do a better chest press, kettle bell swing, or plyo push-up, the truth is, everyone is just trying to get through the workout like you are, and most times will even encourage you to work to you highest potential. If you haven’t taken a Group Ex class or TRAIN session yet – grab a friend and sign up! All of our Group Ex and TRAIN programming classes offer you the opportunity to sweat it out with an awesome instructor with fun music and challenging exercises. Circling back to myth #1…remember, no one is watching you (I promise)!

Victoria Smith, Marketing Support Intern
Jermaine Wright, Marketing and Promotions Manager

5 Tips to Help you Eat Healthy this Holiday Season

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Apple cider donuts, pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream…sticking to your diet can be quite a challenge once the holidays roll back around. Check out 5 tips from Julia Christopher, a VENT Niskayuna personal trainer and VENT Studio instructor, that can help you stay on track this holiday season.

“So it’s that time of year again when holiday parties are in season, portions sizes become bigger, football is every Sunday, and the urge to indulge is ever present. Although it’s definitely time to celebrate, it’s also important to stay on track and not lose sight of your goals.

Here are some helpful tips I’ve used in the past in preparation for bikini competitions. It was definitely a challenge for me not to lose track, but finding a balance between enjoying life and staying healthy helped me persevere.

1. Never go to an event starving!

Always make sure that you eat before you go to a holiday event. This will help prevent you from eye-balling unhealthy foods and will keep your eyes on the real prize – a better you!

2. Bring your own prepped food!

As long as you have great friends that appreciate your dedication, prepping food for a party is a great way to ensure you are sticking to your goal.

3. Load up on healthy options!

f you don’t want to be “that guy” that brings their own Tupperware to a party, be sure to load up on protein, fruits, and veggies when you hit up the snack table. Steer clear from fatty dressings like ranch or bleu cheese and always skip out on fried foods, breads, pasta, and desserts. If it doesn’t have sauce, cheese, or other unnecessary fats…it’s the snack for you!

4. When in doubt, drink smart or not at all.

Let’s face it…avoiding alcohol during the holiday season is nearly impossible. Although all alcoholic beverages cause us to drink calories with no nutritional value whatsoever, there are certain alcohols that are healthier than others. Avoid dark beers and liquors, as they often contain more calories than the light ones. Simply put, stick to the rule – “the clearer the better.”

Stay hydrated!

Sometimes if you feel hungry, you might actually be thirsty! Make sure you stay hydrated all night and keep that dehydration and hunger feeling low.”

Store these 5 tips instead of additional calories this holiday season! How do you keep yourself on track during the holidays? Let us know, and comment below:

Julia Christopher, VENT Niskayuna/ Studio Personal Trainer
Victoria Smith, Marketing Support Intern
Jermaine Wright, Marketing & Promotions Manager

100 ways to be #FITAF

There’s more than 1 way to be FITAF!

It’s that time of year again where the world overuses the #NewYearNewMe reference. Well this year we’ve got a new attitude. In light of our #VENT100 celebration that took place last week,(you know, the one where we gave away #100FREEMemberships, #100FREETrainingSessions, stayed open for #100HoursStraight, and gave everyone #100NewReasonsToLoveVENT?), we’ve decided to keep the momentum going by sharing

100 quick tips to help you get FITAF

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Put down the fork and back away from the dessert.
  3. Try a new cardio routine.
  4. Get a new pair of sneakers.
  5. Get a new water bottle.
  6. Try out a PLYO Performance class at your local VENT.
  7. Check out VENT Studio and redeem your free session.
  8. Stretch BEFORE and AFTER workouts.
  9. Eat smaller portioned meals more frequently.
  10. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  11. Get to the gym at least 3 times a week.
  12. Take the stairs, not the elevator.
  13. Park farther away from your destination – walk more.
  14. Indulge – but don’t OVER indulge.
  15. Be consistent in your workouts.
  16. Try out a VENT TRAIN30 or TRAIN60 (It’s like BootCamp, but different lol).
  17. Buy a new pair of leggings to workout in.
  18. Try SPRINT – a 30 minute HIIT cycling workout new to VENT in 2018.
  19. Refuel with a protein shake from VENT’s new Energy Bar!
  20. Create a new gym playlist to rock out to during your workouts.
  21. Do cardio at least twice a week.
  22. Cut down on the alcohol.
  23. The holidays are over…so is cheating on your diet.
  24. MAXIMIZE your workouts.
  25. Switch it up…try a HIIT workout.
  26. Meet up with a VENT personal trainer.
  27. Step out of your comfort zone.
  28. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can skip out on your workouts.
  29. Find a workout buddy.
  30. Try a strength-based workout.
  31. Try a CXWORX class – a 30-minute core workout new to VENT in 2018!
  32. Knock out the calories with STRIKE.
  33. Stop drinking soda!
  34. Buy a scale to measure all the food you intake.
  35. Request your favorite tunes during your workout with RockBot!
  36. Don’t like music during your workout? Download a new podcast!
  37. Don’t sabotage your tough morning workouts by eating poorly throughout the day.
  38. Treat yourself and buy a new pair of gym headphones for your workouts!
  39. Sweat at least 4 times a week!
  40. Snowed in? Do some bodyweight exercises at home!
  41. Walk…EVERYWHERE!
  42. Take a hike in nice weather.
  43. Always have a positive attitude when you’re working out!
  44. Eat fruits and vegetables at least twice a day.
  45. Set small goals for yourself – the larger goals will come!
  46. Hate vegetables? Buy a blender and make a smoothie.
  47. Always know what you’re eating…read nutrition facts and labels.
  48. Eat breakfast EVERY DAY.
  49. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  50. Meal prep all your food to avoid eating unhealthy foods throughout your workday.
  51. Track your progress with the VENT Mobile App (new APP coming soon)!
  52. Stop putting things off! You can’t get #FitAF by avoiding workouts.
  53. Stop drinking your calories. Avoid sugary drinks from your favorite coffee place…calories add up!
  54. Make sure your dinner plate is colorful. Add fruits and vegetables to brighten in up.
  55. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your energy up.
  56. Grilled, not fried.
  57. Eat more fish.
  58. Give yourself time to relax.
  59. Super busy? Break up your workouts during your hectic day.
  60. Eat more plants!
  61. Quality over quantity when eating out.
  62. Eat out less.
  63. Find a fitness app to track your food and exercise (in addition to the NEW VENT App…Coming soon…In case we failed to mention this already lol).
  64. Wear crazy socks to brighten your workout.
  65. Avoid fast food at all costs.
  66. ry at least one new VENT class a week.
  67. Sign up for the January Challenge! Sign-ups start on January 8th.
  68. Workout during your commercial breaks!>
  69. Take progress pictures to keep you motivated.
  70. Drink more tea (green tea works wonders!).
  71. Wake up earlier to squeeze in early morning workouts.
  72. Get to bed sooner.
  73. Wake up every day with a plan.
  74. Pack healthy snacks.
  75. Plan out your workouts each week.
  76. Drink seltzer instead of soda.
  77. Make a better bad choice on cheat days.
  78. Try an aqua workout.
  79. Find a good support system to keep you motivated and working hard.
  80. Leave a bag of gym clothes in your car so you are always ready to workout.
  81. Add an incline on your treadmill.
  82. Learn how to count Macros.
  83. Book your E3 Experience the next time you visit your VENT location.
  84. Go for a jog in the nice weather.
  85. Buy a heart rate monitor to monitor your workouts at VENT (coming SOON to all VENT Fitness locations)!
  86. Buy a new sports bra.
  87. Try a new pre-workout.
  88. Protein, protein, protein!
  89. Cut back on your coffee intake.
  90. Cut your sugar intake in half.
  91. Sweat it out in our sauna.
  92. Stuck with the kids? No excuses! Bring them to Kids Club at any VENT location.
  93. Utilize your VENT Perks and get some major discounts at local vendors.
  94. Strengthen your mental health with optimism.
  95. Had a hard workout? Relax on our Hydro massage beds.
  96. Wear your #FITAF shirt in your toughest workouts!
  97. Check your serving sizes.
  98. Minimize your cheat days.
  99. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile! Smile through the toughest workouts!
  100. Start improving the old you this year with your #VENTFam!

What’s going to keep you motivated this year? Comment below!

VENT Personal Trainers
Victoria Smith, Marketing Coordinator/ Guilderland Team Leader
Jermaine Wright, Marketing & Promotions Manager

5 Reasons you are ENOUGH

Because sometimes… We’ve got to be reminded!

The Scoop:

While Valentine’s Day may be over and done with, that yearn for that “someone special” may still exist! We understand that winter may be “cuffing season,” and because Valentine’s day is over, you may think that your chance at finding true love is over too.…BUT the truth is, you are ENOUGH! While not having that special someone may leave a void in your heart, we’ve got 5 ways to help you fill it! Let’s say “NOPE” together to 1 day promises, expensive dinners, crummy dates, and flowers that die.

End of the month and still feeling the Valentine’s Day Blues? Read below for 5 reasons that YOU ARE ENOUGH.


You have to LOVE yourself 1st before you can love anyone else– so take the time to focus on you and your self-care! Concentrating on your personal growth and learning to love yourself is the key to finding happiness in your life. Once you have learned to love yourself, loving someone (or something) else will come at ease.




Society has recognized February as being the month to shower people you love and appreciate with gifts and dates. This causes you to go out and shop for the perfect outfit, in preparation for the perfect restaurant, all for the approval of that “perfect person.” By realizing you are ENOUGH, you skip all the extra stuff. You buy what you want, wear what you want and do what YOU want. When you’re working out, the only approval you need is yours. Throw on your sweats, tie up your hair/put on your sweat band, and get to working on your body in progress. All for YOU, on YOUR time, and with NObody’s approval.


Skip the fancy meals featuring dishes with words you cant pronounce, because there’s nothing worse than the crippling anxiety that comes with “pretending” you know what an “Omelet du fromage” is. Instead, focus your time, money and energy on choosing what YOU want to eat. Step your meal prep game up, and prepare meals to help fuel your “Body-in-Progress.” And when you’re at VENT, refuel at the Energy Bar with one of our signature shakes (or simply build your own). We promise you’ll be able to pronounce ALL of our natural ingredients.


The bottom line is, YOU are one of a kind, and the universe makes no mistakes. Take time to practice self care, and focus your energy on your mind, body and soul, because at the end of the day, your health and happiness is all that matters. Enjoy a few “Me, Myself and Iron” moments and hit the gym to perfect that body-in-progress, because nobody does YOU like YOU can!
How will you plan to start focusing on YOU? Comment below!Contributors: Victoria Smith, Marketing Coordinator Jermaine Wright, Marketing and Promotions Manager ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

5 ways to SAVE Money

Because everyone wants to!

Why is it so ingrained in our brains to choose the generic brand at the grocery store instead of the name brand? Why do we avoid buying that $500 handbag (or pair of sneakers) and go for the $50 one instead? Why is it so ingrained for adults to try and save every dollar they possibly can? Throughout my high school and college career I lived by the motto – “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” I spent SO much money eating out, and on things like designer cloths, and drinks out at the bar. I never made even the slightest attempt to save money. Unfortunately, this time period didn’t last long, and adulthood set in quickly once I graduated college. In the present day, adulting is real and my “after-college” life consists of me spending money on fitness, groceries, rent, and other essentials. If you’re in the same boat and are trying to save every dollar you possibly can – read below for 5 tips to save your money and make it last a little longer.

Cook indoors instead of ordering out:

We all know that it is so much easier to order take-out or visit your favorite restaurant when you’re tired and starving. Eating out can take a toll on your bank account, and will have you spending money faster than you can earn it! Do yourself a favor – stay in and cook tonight.

Meal-prep all your lunches:

Meal-prepping is one of the best ways to save money AND eat better! Take time at the beginning (or end) of the week to grocery shop, prepare, and cook your meals for your upcoming work week. This will save you TONS of money and stop you from visiting the pizza shop every day!

Exercise instead of going out:

You already pay for a gym membership – why not use it? Next time you’re looking for something to do, sign up for a TRAIN session or Group-Ex class! Working out instead of going out is WAY more beneficial for your health, and is certainly more cost-effective! Don’t have access to Level II or III programming? Drop-in to any TRAIN or Group-Ex class all month long for just $5/class.

Shop the sale rack:

Whether we stain our shirts, rip our pants, or have an event or function to attend, a shopping trip is inevitable. Try shopping the sale rack or searching for coupons before the big shopping trip. And if you’re urge to shop isn’t time sensitive, consider shopping online. There is almost ALWAYS a promo code floating around somewhere. Most online retailers will broadcast their sales and promo codes at the top of their pages. Oh…and if you’re looking for new workout gear, hurry in to VENT this weekend and receive $5 off all SHOP items!

When you have to eat out, eat smart:

Like shopping trips, eating out is can quickly become a habit. The next time you head out to a restaurant, try and choose something more cost effective! Avoid adding extras on to the meal and ordering alcoholic beverages. Sometimes a fairly priced meal, and a good ole FREE water (with a lemon wedge if you’re fancy, lol), works out just fine. Skip the dessert, and keep it simple. The only additional charge outside of your food and FREE beverage should be gratuity. Other than that, set a food budget ($10, $15, etc.) and stick with it.

The next time you’re trying to save money, remember these tips to make your dollar stretch a little further!

What do you do when you’re trying to save money? Comment below!

Victoria Smith, Marketing Coordinator
Jermaine Wright, Marketing and Promotions Manager