Aquatic Adventures

Join us at VENT Guilderland for this introduction to basic water and swimming skills. Geared for adults, this four-week program will build your confidence in the water.

Aquatic Adventures at VENT Guilderland

“Dive” into the world of swimming with our beginner swim program. Whether you’re taking your first strokes or just getting comfortable in the water, this program is designed to build your confidence and skills in a supportive environment. We will learn the fundamentals of floating, kicking, and basic strokes. with water safety awareness. At the end progressing into swimming independently. 

This is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to swim. 

With our experienced WSI instructor, Madison Mackey, you will be well on your way of feeling great in the water. 

Wednesdays 6 – 6:45 pm • July 3 – July 24, 2024
VENT Guilderland | Coached by Madison Mackey, WSI Instructor


VENT Guilderland

What's Included

75+ days
$ 120
  • Weekly sessions
  • Confidence Building
  • Expert Instruction

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