Summer 75

Join us at VENT Guilderland for 75+ days of workouts, healthy habits, accountability, weekly group workouts, and results you can be proud of. Ready?

Summer 75 at VENT Guilderland

Summer just got a whole lot fitter! Join us at VENT Guilderland for Summer 75 – a workout program designed by NASM CPT Gianna Vozzy to instill healthy habits and build results in a quick, intense kickoff that will set you up for a lifetime of fitness! 

Two workouts a day, weekly group workouts, nutrition support, habit tracking, progress photos, and the camaraderie of your fellow 75-ers…
Get ready to surprise yourself.

June 3 – August 19, 2024 • VENT Guilderland | Coached by Robert McTarnaghan, ACE CPT

summer 75

VENT Guilderland

What's Included

75+ days
$ 200
  • Two Workouts per Day
  • Weekly Group Workouts
  • Nutrition Support
  • Community
  • Before/After Photos
  • Bi-Weekly Video Calls

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