Hello, Everyone! This week we can finally say that the Summer season is officially here! This means lighter clothing, sun hats, sunnies, and full feet exposure! Are your toes ready?

Anyone that has experienced a pedicure either at a salon or at home, knows how incredible the feeling is once you have cut, filed, buffed, cleaned and polished toes. You almost feel like a brand new person! However, what most people don’t realize is: pampering yourself is not only a treat to comfort your soul but most importantly, you’re actually acknowledging that your feet (an easily neglected part) need a little TLC too.

There are seven benefits as to why everyone (yes, the boys too!) need to start investing in a little more focus on those toes

Lower your chances of infection.

By tending to your nails by cutting, filing, and cleaning out, you can decrease your chances of any foot fungus and odor from growing on the skin or nails, not to mention, nails are there to help guard your skin from any chance of injury

Detect and possibly avoid any early signs of problems.

A manicurist is not a podiatrist, but they can sometimes be the first to help identify any growing concern with corns, bunions, or fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot or even warts

Preserves the moisture in your skin.

Soaking your feet in warm water with oils and then moisturizing them by massaging lotion into them thoroughly is like a nice cold drink of water for your skin. By keeping your skin moisturized, you are saving the quality and elasticity, while also preventing drying, cracking, and other foot problems that result from skin neglect. Also, keep those cuticles moisturized to avoid your nails from growing ridged or with split ends.

Exfoliates and revitalizes feet.

Exfoliation and skin removal permits new skin to grow in healthy and smooth, allowing the feet to look and feel healthy, new, and much more attractive

Prevents ingrown nails.

By cutting your nails, and cutting them properly (no rounded edges), you are prohibiting your nails from growing right into the side or the corner of the nail fold. A painful feelings, and a painful process when you have to have them removed (and yes, eventually you will).

Improves circulation.

Everyone’s favorite part for sure, is the massage you receive during the pedicure (and in all honesty, this is primarily the reason why at times I choose to go to a salon, verses giving myself a pedi at home!). So the next time you choose the salon over your D.I.Y. put any guilt aside, because you are doing a service to your body! Massaging improves the circulation in your body, increases blood flow, which brings fresh oxygen to your legs and feet, and most of all relieves any tension or pain in your muscles.

Relaxes the body.

Any way we can relieve our body of stress, or possible harm is a plus. And therapeutic massages can release tension, pain, and stiffness, which then leads to an overall sense of well-being, and who doesn’t want that?

And if you choose to get your nails done at a salon verses a D.I.Y., please take these “additional Health Tips” into consideration:

Just as you would do your homework on doctors, dentists, hair stylists, etc… make sure that your salon is accredited by the health department

Bring your own “Pedi Tools”. Some places create a kit for you and leave it on a shelf until your next visit, that way you don’t have to run the risk of using unsanitary objects on your skin

Ask your “manicurist” to push back your cuticles, instead of cutting them off. They are at the tips of your nail beds for a reason: to prevent any microbes

Make sure the whirlpool bath the manicurist soaks your feet in is cleaned and disinfected before you use it, and while your feet are soaking in the warm, bubbly suds, the water must contain some kind of antimicrobial agent.

Pumice stones and exfoliating scrubs are fine for dead skin removal, but avoid foot razors…this skin remover can do more harm than good if it is used incorrectly, because it can shave off too much skin causing serious damage and infection…not to mention it is illegal in some states

Ask for your nails to be filed into a square shape…round nails can cause ingrown-nails

Avoid waxing or shaving before a pedicure. Even the smallest of cuts can allow bacteria to sneak through

If you love having painted toes, make sure to remove the color after two weeks, to avoid staining your toe nails a yellowish color. In all actuality, toenails need time to breath, so you should take breaks between polishing. Fungus is likely to grow under the paint, and polish remover can ruin the enamel of your nails.

This summer, while you’re catering to those piggies, alone or on a day out with your pampering pals, make sure to take these benefits and health tips into consideration, that way you’re not letting your feet ruin your summer fun!

X, Danielle

Danielle is a member of VENT Fitness, Guilderland and guest fashion blogger for VENT Fitness. Her blog Fashion Is My Favorite Subject offers readers everyday creative ideas to spice up your look. You can tag Danielle on Instagram: @daniellepiel, Facebook: Danielle Piel, or leave a comment below, sharing some of your inspiring looks!

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