Aqua Fitness at VENT Fitness

VENT Fitness offers a variety of SPLASH Aqua programs designed to improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, and more, all with no impact! Programs are offered at VENT Guilderland or VENT Latham, see program details for specifics.


Experience a powerful union of martial arts training and water exercise. This 60-minute kickboxing-inspired hydro workout uses punches and kicks against the water’s resistance for a whole new level of training! Fridays at 5:30 starting January 7 • VENT Latham

$40 PP Members | $80 PP Non-Members


Utilizing the side of the pool like a ballet barre, this aqua class incorporates isometric movement, Pilates, yoga, cardio, and resistance training, all while remaining low impact. Ballet-inspired movements will strength arms, legs, and especially the core! Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. starting January 8. • VENT Latham

$60 PP Members | $120 PP Non-Members

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