Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a handy reference for our members’ most frequently asked billing questions. Have a question not answered below? Reach out via our Clubs page to speak to your home club directly or fill out the form below.

My membership is $2 more per month. What gives? Beginning January 1, 2020, memberships paid monthly via credit card are subject to a $2 processing fee per month. You can save those $2 by paying your dues through your bank account. It’s easy to switch! Learn more >

COVID-19 has affected me. What can I do? Your best option is to freeze your account. This puts your membership on hold for up to six months at a time and maintains your membership dues amount. At this time, VENT Fitness is waiving the $5/month freeze fee. Please note, frozen memberships are still subject to their regularly scheduled Annual Fees. 

My account is frozen. What is this random charge? While your account is frozen, your membership will still cycle through its scheduled annual fee. They are typically scheduled two months after your account activation date.



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